Birmingham RITICS Open Datasets

A Dataset Respository for Industrial Control System Research.

Provided by the University of Birmingham Centres for Cyber Security and Privacy and Rail Research and Education (BCRRE).

Funding for the supporting Research was provided by the Research Institute in Trustworthy Inter-connected Cyber Physical Systems (RITICS) and the National Cyber Security Centre UK (NCSC UK).

How to use these Datasets

All Datasets are given as SQL and CSV files, enabling data to be imported and analysed by a number of platforms.

Each Dataset listed below will provide links to the source data that was imported into that Dataset and a reference to the supporting paper.

We ask that if you use these Datasets in your work, you credit the University of Birmingham - a BibTeX entry and Reference is given for each Dataset.

Learning from Vulnerabilities Dataset

Dataset Supporting the ESORICS CyberICPS 2020 Workshop Paper "Learning From Vulnerabilities - Categorising, Understanding and Detecting Weaknesses in Industrial Control Systems".

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Catch Me If You Can Accuracy Dataset

Dataset Supporting the CPSIOT 2020 Workshop Paper "Catch Me If You Can: An In-Depth Study of CVE Discovery Time and Inconsistencies for Managing Risk in Critical Infrastructures", collaborating with the Bristol Cyber Security Group.

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